Another Secret Revealed: The Lost Treasure Of The Copper Scroll


Between 1947 and 1956, several ancient religious scripts written in the Hebrew language were found at Qumran, Westbank, in Israel. The scripts are widely known as the Dead Sea Scrolls. Among these scripts, the most different and strange, 'The Copper Scroll' was found in the Cave-3 which is believed to be the oldest man-created biblical script till to this date. One the other hand, the Copper Scroll is the only existing ancient script that was crafted on metal (copper-sheet) rather than on parchment (skin) or papyrus and it is now on display at the Jordan Museum in Amman.

The Dead Sea Copper Scroll
In 1956, when the English archaeologist John M. Allegro had first deciphered this script, he revealed that it was a some kind of enigmatic list, containing the secret locations of hidden treasures instead of being just a religious manuscript. There have been mention of such 64 places where there will be the treasures near about of 200 billion dollars in today's economy.

Many believe the Copper Scroll was crafted and came from Jerusalem because there is mention of "The House of God" for several times in the script. And many have spent their lives in trying to find the lost treasure in Jerusalem but it has never been found. Maybe the lost treasure of the Copper Scroll is still hidden somewhere in Jerusalem or maybe it is lying in another secret part of this world.

The renowned archaeologist and metallurgist Robert Feather has been researching on the Dead Sea Copper Scroll for a several decades and he has revealed that it didn't actually come from the Israel because Israeli didn't measure gold in 'Kilo', and with his keen observation, he significantly found 14 Greek letters in various lines of the script. According to him, the script sheet is made of 99.9% pure copper which is found in only one place of this world, and that is Egypt. So that, Robert believes the Copper Scroll was not crafted in Jerusalem, it somehow came from the Egypt that is 1000 km away from where it was found in Israel. Later, when it was better analyzed, some Egyptian words such as 'Nahal', 'Haktag', etc. were found that literally mean the "big river". But the fact that Jerusalem or so-called 'Zurya' in that time had no rivers in it. On the other side, there was only the one river of which name has been taken again and again in ancient history, "The Nile". To make things more strange, Robert discovered that the beginning 10 Greek letters found in the script convey the name 'Akhenaten'. And he realised the Copper Scroll was actually about the ancient Egyptian-city'Amarna' which was the capital of Pharaoh Akhenaten in its time.

It is believed that Akhenaten was the only infidel pharaoh in Egypt who had denied all the gods, saying "God is one and that is Aten," which means 'the Sun' in greek language. Ancient historians believe that 'Aten' was not just a symbolic god, he was the only god whom Akhenaten or the others Egyptians had seen in the sky with their own eyes. Akhenaten and the other Atenists used to worship a globe of the Sun. We can still see the globe to be coming from the sky towards the Egyptians in some ancient wall-arts in Egypt. According to the ancient astronaut theorists, the picture depicts a strange ball coming from another world, more likely an extraterrestrial objects such as a UFO or a spherical Alien Spaceship.

In the ancient Egyptian-era, before Akhenaten became the pharaoh, the Egyptians used to treat their pharaoh as a god despite knowing that they were not the avatar of God. But Akhenaten totally changed their belief system, remarking himself as the 'Living God'.

Akhenaten was indeed the most different character in the Egyptian-history. His skull was longer than of any other common person, and his abdomen was outward of his body and the legs were too thin. Due to this unusual appearance, many believed he was not from this world. It was even stranger, the last part of his life was as mysterious as the Copper Scroll is today. After his death, a great effort was made by the Egyptians to completely remove him from the history. In this process, they had removed all the names and inscribed pictures of Akhenaten from every wall of the God-House. Akhenaten was also known as "Aman-e-her-Isi".

In 1932, when a British historian John Pendlebury discovered the tomb of Akhenaten, there was not a single evidence of being Akhenaten in that tomb and some believe he was buried in the Valley of the Kings. But historians recently have come to know that the presumed tomb is not of Akhenaten. It seems that Akhenaten was just disappeared from this world forever. Historians believe if his tomb would be found it will be as worth as the discovery of Tutenkhamen's pyramid. In all of the Egypt-mysteries "Whereabouts of the Tomb of Akhenaten" is also a significant topic and if his corpse would be discovered then the questions could also be answered that "Was Akhenaten belong to this world or to some other world?"

In the Sumerian Scripts, there are mentioned about such stories where people used to collect gold in abundance for their gods. According to those scripts, most of the human beings were created just for this job, and it is not only in the Sumerian civilization, there are several references to these same types of stories in various cultures from all over the world. Whereas the fact is that they could not use any of their collected gold; and near about all the mentioned gold in the scripts later have never been found anywhere in the world. Now the questions arise that- "Where is all the gold now? Did God take away the gold to another place such as another planet? If not, then is it still on this planet? So, where is it on Earth? What actually God did with these gold?"

Almost all of us know that the gold is a well conductive and useful metal which is necessary for all the hi-tech and modern technologies. In the present days, it is highly used in our various electronic purposes such as phones, computers, spacecraft, etc. where there still have no other accessible substitute. Maybe the treasures (gold) were actually used in such spacecraft and others hi-tech pieces of advanced equipment; or, it was an especial deposit of some other planet-beings which was later escorted to another planet. Or maybe, the treasures of the Copper Scroll is still hidden somewhere inside the missing tomb of Akhenaten. If so, then it would not be too unusual to think that the treasures which would be obtained there will not be only the gold but also some more precious and valuable things that are beyond our imagination!
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