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Another Hidden Mystery Behind the Copper Scroll?!!

Between 1947 and 1956, there were found some ancient religious scripts at Qumran, Westbank, in Israel, which were written in Hebrew. It's known as the Dead Sea Scrolls and among these scripts, the most different script, 'The Copper Scroll' was found in the Cave-3 which is the oldest man-created biblical script till to this date. Also, it is the only existing script that was crafted on metal (copper-sheet) rather than on parchment (skin) or papyrus.

In 1956 when John Allegro first deciphered this script, it becomes known that it was secret a list of hidden treasures instead of being just a religious manuscript. There is mention of such 64 places where there will be the treasures near about of 200 billion dollars in today's economy.

Many believe, the script was crafted or come from Jerusalem because there is mention of "The House of God"  for several times in the script. And many have spent their lives in trying to find the treasure in Jerusalem but it has never been found. Maybe it still could be hidden in somewhere of Jerusalem; or, maybe it's lying in some another secret place of this world.

Renowned archaeologist and metallurgist Robert Feather has been researching on this scroll since decades and he found out that it was not from Israel because, Israeli didn't measure gold in 'Kilo', and with keen observations in the script he had found 14 Greek letters in various lines. According to him, the script sheet was made with 99.9% pure copper which is found only in one place of this world, and that is Egypt. So, Robert believes that the Copper Scroll was not from the Jerusalem, it somehow came from the Egypt that is 1000 km far away from where it was found in Israel. When it was better analyzed, some Egyptian words such as 'Nahal', 'Haktag', etc. were found which mean the "big river;" but the fact is that there is no river in Jerusalem or so-called 'Zurya' in its time. On the other side, there was only the one river of which name arises again and again in History, "The Nile". The biggest discovery of Robert was that the beginning 10 Greek letters that depict the name of 'Akhenaten'. And he realised the Scroll was actually about 'Amarna' which was the capital of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

It is believed that Akhenaten was the only infidel pharaoh in Egypt who had denied all the Gods and even he said that "God is one and that is Aten," which means 'the Sun' in greek. Ancient historians believe that 'Aten' was not just a symbolic God; he was the only God whom Akhenaten or the other Egyptians had seen in the sky with their own eyes. Akhenaten and the other Atenists worshipped a globe of Sun which can be seen to be coming from the sky towards the Egyptians in some ancient wall-arts and in that moment, it seems to be something that has come from the other world rather than this world; it is like such as a UFO or a spherical Spaceship.

In the history, before Akhenaten becomes the pharaoh, the Egyptians treated the pharaoh as a God despite knowing this, they were not the avatar of God. But Akhenaten changed the whole belief system, he remarked himself as the 'Living God'.

Akhenaten was indeed the most different character in the Egypt-history. His skull was longer than any other ordinary person, and his abdomen was outward of his body and the legs were too thin. Due to this appearance unlike other normal people, many believed that he was not from this world. It was even stranger, the last part of his life was as mysterious as the Copper Scroll is today. After his death, there were highly efforts to erase him from the history completely by the Egyptians. In this process, they had removed all the names and pictures of Akhenaten from the walls of God-House. He was also known as "Aman-e-her-Isi".

In 1932, when a British historian John Pendlebury discovered the tomb of Akhenaten, there was no evidence of being Akhenaten there and some believe he was buried in the Valley of the Kings. But historians recently have come to know that the presumed tomb is not of Akhenaten. It seems that Akhenaten was just disappeared from this World. Historians believe if his tomb would be found it will be as worth as the discovery of Tutenkhamen's pyramid. In all of the Egypt-mysteries "Whereabouts of the Tomb of Akhenaten" is also a significant topic and if his corpse would be discovered then the questions could also be answered that "Was Akhenaten belong to this world or to some other world?"

In the Sumerian Scripts, there is mention such stories where people used to collect the gold in a vast amount for their Gods. According to those scripts, maximum of the human beings were created only for this job and it is not just in Sumerian civilization but there are also many more references to these type of stories repeatedly in many cultures from all over the world. Whether the fact is, they could not use any of these collected gold; but later, near about all the mentioned gold in those scripts have never been found in anywhere. Now the questions arrive that- "Where is all the gold? Did God take away the gold to another planet? If not, then is it still on this planet? where is it? What actually God did with these gold?"

Everyone we know that the gold is a well conductive and useful metal which is necessary for all the hi-tech and modern technologies. In the present days, it is highly used in our various electronic purposes such as phones, computers, spacecraft, etc. where there still have no other accessible substitute. It may be that the treasures (gold) were actually used in such spacecraft and others hi-tech pieces of advanced equipment; or, it also could be an especial deposit of some other planet-beings which was later escorted to another planet. Or maybe, the treasure of Copper Scroll is still hidden somewhere inside the missing tomb of Akhenaten. If so, then it also maybe that the treasures which could be obtained there will be not only gold but also the more precious valuable things that are beyond our imagination.


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Willie immediately called his father to see what happened and when Mr. McKinnon came to the spot, he was shocked to find that the meteor was almost as round as a marble and the hot surface was deeply scored with what resembled hieroglyphics.
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