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fossil is any preserved remains, impression, or trace of any once-living thing from a past geological age. Its latin term is 'fossilis' that means "Obtained by digging." Bones, shells, exoskeleton, stone imprints of animal or microbes, hair, petrified wood, oil, coal, and DNA remnants etc are all example of fossils. Fossils may also consist of the marks left behind by the organism while it was alive, such as animal tracks or faeces (coprolites). These types of fossil are called trace fossils or ichnofossils, as opposed to body fossils. Specimens are usually considered to be fossils if they are over 10,000 years old. Now we have an example of the oldest fossils which is around 3.48 to 4.1billion years old.

The study of fossils is called 'Paleontology'. Fossils can be fun to collect and interesting to study for the amateur, but they also tell geologists about the history of the world and how it was formed. The best time to look for fossils is after a heavy rain, when pieces of shell and fossils may be exposed in the soil.


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Santiago Flight 513 Lands with 92 Skeletons on Board after 35 Years??!

Santiago Flight 513 Commercial Airliner takes off in Germany in 1954, lands in Brazil in 1989 with 92 skeletons on board ― with dead pilot still at the controls.

It seems like beyond science fiction, but for some years this strange story has been circulating on internet through various web-sources. Actually, this extraordinary story was first published as a breathtaking news by the Weekly World News Tabloid, in its 14 Nov 1989 Edition. Where the newspaper reporter Irwin Fisher’s report confirms the sketchy details that surround this flight. Was it a conclusive news or it was just a sensational hoax??

According to Brazilian aviation authorities a commercial airliner Santiago flight 513 took off from Germany on September 4th 1954 and vanished somewhere over the Atlantic ocean. A fruitless massive search was conducted and the forlorn investigators were finally forced to believe that the aircraft was crashed and all the passengers had lost their lives.
But the story becomes more fascinati…

Toyol and Tiyanak ― The Mischievous Child Spirits

From thousands of years ago, the Asian cultures and beliefs have presented such strange events in front of the world that are more eager to excite the curious people across all over the globe. Here we are going to talk about such a startling mythical character of "ghosts-ghouls-demons" from the South-East Asian cultures that is largely known as Toyol in the Malaysian folklore, and in Indonesia, it is called the Tuyul.

Toyol is said to be the twisted spirit of a small child who passed away before it could be born. Goblin-like structure, this spooky baby looks like a toddler, newborn or under development (fetus) baby with grey or green skin and reddened eyes. They have very sharp teeth and pointed ear. The name "Toyol" literally means "mischievous thief”. The Toyol is similar to a creature from Filipino mythology called the Tiyanak and the legendary Guman Thong from Thailand.

Tiyanak is said to be a vampiric creature that imitates the form of a child. It usually…

A Brief History of Strange Signals from the Space

Since the beginning of civilization, humans have witnessed such unusual and unexplained activities that are mostly believed to be not from this world. From that prehistoric hieroglyphics charts, pictures, manuscripts to today's science-based documentary files, there is a lot of information of which exact reasons and origins are still unknown to us, and one of the most notable of them is the strange signals from outer space.

Cornell physicists Philip Morrison and Giuseppe Cocconi had speculated in a 1959-paper that any extraterrestrial civilization attempting to communicate via radio signals might do so using a frequency of 1420 megahertz (21 centimetres), which is assuredly emitted by the most common element in the Universe, Hydrogen; and it should be familiar to all technologically advanced and intelligent beings.

A few years later in 1968, there were several reports of unidentified strange signals from space that were picked up from the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico. …

Strange Outer Space Stone Engraved with Hieroglyphics Remains an Enigma

In 1908, in the vicinity of the Cowichan Valley, on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada, while Willie McKinnon, the 14-year-old son of Mr. Angus McKinnon was working in his father's garden around half past 11 o'clock, a meteor about 10 inches in diameter was hurled through space and buried itself in the ground about eight feet from where he was standing. Luckily, he was not injured by the mateorite.

Willie immediately called his father to see what happened and when Mr. McKinnon came to the spot, he was shocked to find that the meteor was almost as round as a marble and the hot surface was deeply scored with what resembled hieroglyphics.
This startling story was published as a front-page newspaper article of Sept. 5, 1908 entitled, "A Message From Mars".

Mr. McKinnon spent most of his life since the incident in trying to decipher the strange markings on the mysterious stone. However, the "space stone" appears to be never examined because its any r…

Haunted Rabindra Sarobar Station, Kolkata

Rabindra Sarobar is one of the most busiest metro stations of the Kolkata City in India. The station situated on Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road at Charu Chandra Avenue. It has got its name "Rabindra Sarobar" from an artificial lake located in the surrounding area of south Kolkata.

Besides its busy days, the station has witnessed several bizarre suicides since the last few decades, and it has indeed been tarnished due to various unusual deaths that occurred at the station area. The most weird thing is that more than 80% of all the suicide cases of Kolkata, which is also known as the City of Joy, take place at this particular station, that also termed it as the “Paradise of Suicide”.

The macabre events occurred in the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station have also said to make it one of the most haunted places in Kolkata. The passengers of the last train at night often claim to see eerie shadows and obscured figures moving and then disappearing in the gust of wind. Some of them have w…

Witnessing UFO Inscribed with Strange Hieroglyphics in Rendlesham Forest

In December 1980, a moving triangular unidentified aircraft with hieroglyphics on its body was seen outside a US Air Force base in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England.

The events befell just outside the RAF Woodbridge, which was used by the U.S. Air Force at that time, and the witnesses included high-ranked military officials such as Commander Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt, who stated that the craft was repeatedly emitting beams of light.

It all started around 3:00 a.m. on December 26th, 1980, when the security patrolmen near the east gate of RAF Woodbridge saw some strange lights abruptly descending into the nearby Rendlesham Forest. First of all, they thought it to be a downed aircraft, however, upon entering the forest for investigation, they saw a triangular shaped metallic glowing object with intense blue and white lights, and there were some unknown hieroglyphic-like symbols on its body.

Sergeant Jim Penniston, who was one of the witnesses later claimed to have closely encoun…

The Strange Phenomena of Shadow People in Australia

Since the last two decades, people in Australia are often witnessing a strange phenomenon induced by the mysterious shadow beings' activities. They are largely known as the Shadow People.

Shadow People are generally described as human-shaped dark silhouettes with no discernible face and sometimes with the red eyes have also been reported.
From thousands of years ago, we have heard about numerous stories based on such shadow beings around all over the world but the occurrences in Australia were quite different from the common anecdotes. In the late 90s, the Shadow People started to be appeared more frequently and becomes a popular topic of general discussion in the terrified Australian. Many people claim to see it repeatedly and some claim to have seen it only once whether some people say that they have neither seen it nor they have believed it.

Generally, Shadow People phenomenon is nearly similar to a ghost sighting, but the difference is that Shadow People are not reported as h…

Omayra Sánchez Garzón ― The Tragic Story of a Brave Colombian Girl

A Colombian girl named Omayra Sánchez Garzón born on August 28, 1972, was peacefully living in the town of Armero in Tolima with his small family. And when Sánchez was only 13 years old, she couldn't think that a dark time was surrounding them beneath a silence of nature, and soon it would swallow their whole territory, making one of the world's deadliest macabre events.
On November 13, 1985, a small eruption of Nevado del Ruiz volcano located close to the Armero territory, produced an enormous lahar (mudflows of volcanic ash mixed with water) of volcanic debris mixed with ice that interred and destroyed the entire town of Armero and 13 other villages in Tolima, causing an estimated 25,000 deaths. This tragic sequel later became known as the Armero tragedy—the deadliest lahar in recorded history.
Prior to the eruption, Sánchez was at home with her father Álvaro Enrique, a rice and sorghum collector, brother Álvaro Enrique and aunt María Adela Garzón, and her mother María Alei…

Dactylolysis Spontanea ― A Bizarre Autoamputation Disease

A medical condition called Ainhum or also known as Dactylolysis Spontanea where a person's toe just randomly falls off in a painful experience by bilateral spontaneous autoamputation within a few years or months, and doctors have no clear conclusion why it actually happens.

An English surgeon named Robert Clarke first described this strange and bizarre disease in an 1860 report to the Epidemiological Society of London, but he did not recognize it as a distinct entity and conceived it to be a consequence of "Suppressed Yaws," which is a tropical infection of the skin, bones and joints caused by a bacteria. Then in 1867, Ainhum was first recognized as a distinct disease and described as such in detail by the Brazilian physician Jose Francisco da Silva Lima.

At first, the groove begins on the lower and internal side of the base of the fifth toe of both feet (in about 75 percent cases), becomes gradually deeper and more circular, progressing with slight pain, and the whole …

Unsolved Mystery of Don Decker ― The Rain Man

History says, humans were always fascinated in trying to control over surroundings and nature with their minds; some have tried to control over fire whether some have tried over weather but none has so far been able to do so till these days. But an extraordinary event centred upon an 80s prisoner, Don Decker's life claims such strange thing to be happening in reality.

Don Decker, who said to have acquired control over the surrounding-weather to make rains whenever he wanted and wherever he wanted. The strange ability makes him famous all over the world with the name of "The Rain Man".

It all started on February 24th, 1983 in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, US, when Decker's grandfather, James Kishaugh passed away. While others mourned Don Decker was feeling a sense of peace for the very first time. What the others didn't know, was that James Kishaugh had physically abused since he was a young child.
Despite being in the jail Decker got a furlough to attend his dead g…