The Life Sucking Water Of Bloody River | Delhi | India

By Sourav Ghosh - July 24, 2018

The "Bloody River" or best known as the "Khooni Nadi" conveys a dark side just like the name suggests in itself. Numerous haunting and unexplained events have taken place surrounding the Khooni Nadi that flows across Rohini in Delhi. It is counted as one of the most haunted places in India.


People say that anyone who enters the river gets sucked inside by an unknown mystical force. While the reasons of the frequently occurring deaths in this river have been assumed to be accidents or suicides, some of the cases remain unsolved. And the most strange fact to notice here is the shallower depth of this stream, seeming it can't take any life, but it does!!

The locals even claim to have seen strange sightings and heard an eerie voice near the river. According to their descriptions, one could get the spooky vibe that someone is staring, even when he/she is absolutely alone in the alleged river sides. It is believed to be the effect of a black magic that has cursed the Khooni Nadi forever.

Is there any paranormal or odd mysterious thing behind the Bloody River of Delhi? Or all these ghostly legends circumstanced the Khooni Nadi are just created by the fear hidden inside our freaky mind?

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