The Klerksdorp Spheres | 3-Billion-Year-Old Strange Stones Of Ottosdal

Klerksdorp spheres are the small round shaped (often spherical to disc-shaped) objects found in pyrophyllite deposits around Ottosdal, South Africa that is believed to be at least 3-billion-year-old, and each of these stones is carved with the various types of strange grooves.


The existence of these Klerksdorp Wonder Spheres makes the Ancient Astronomer Theorists' claims more convincing. Whereas, the mainstream scientists believe these wonder spheres are nothing more than the result of geological processes that were naturally formed by carbonate concretions about 3 billion years ago.

Popularly known as an inexplicable out-of-place artefact, the Klerksdorp Grooved Spheres are typically ranged in size from 0.5 to 10 cm and in colour from dark reddish brown to dusky red. The Petrographic and X-ray diffraction analyses of specimens of these objects found that they consist either of hematite or wollastonite mixed with minor amounts of hematite and goethite.

The Klerksdorp Grooved Spheres have been a hot debating topic among the alien conspiracy theorists and the sceptics since it was first discovered in South Africa. The Wonder Spheres have so many pseudo-archaeological claims and speculations that intellectual beings roamed the earth three billion years ago, who made these spheres for religious or military purposes, as well as, some even claim these spheres to be an ancient form of information technology made by a prehistoric intelligent race in its time.

There is an unverified story about the origin of the Klerksdorp Spheres which goes that a man brought one of the spheres to NASA. After testing the stone, NASA told the man that the sphere could have only been made in zero-gravity because its balance was too perfect to have been created naturally. However, there is no documentation of this fascinating story, and the various analyses have already debunked the claims of "perfect balance" and "harder than steel".

We still don't know whether the Klerksdorp Spheres bear a prehistoric hidden mystery or an undisclosed information about a completely unknown thing, but the stones are undoubtedly so engrossing that they increase the temptation to have a keen sense of observation.
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