The Terrifying Tales Of The Haunted Parallel Forest In Oklahoma | U.S.

Hidden deep in the wild beauties of the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma, is an untold strange place called "The Parallel Forest" that is said to carry some weird and spooky activities within its limits.

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Once you enter this eerie-looking forest, you will see all the trees are parallel and perfectly spaced out, no matter which direction you look, that's why this forest is called "The Parallel Forest". This forest holds over 20,000 red cedars that were planted exactly 6 feet apart in every direction on over 16 acres. It was built by the federal government during Dust Bowl as a way to stop some of the wind and dust from harming crops.

This hauntingly beautiful forest is often referred to as the Medicine Park but the fact is that Medicine Park and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge are not the same place at all, though they are right next to each other.

During the cold winter months, the dense trees of the Parallel Forest let sunlight rarely seep through and a misty air that looms large, making it for an ideal backdrop in a horror movie. Besides its dreadful silence and creepy appearance, the Parallel Forest has a number of spooky events and haunting stories to tell that attract the people who are highly fascinated with the paranormal destinations.

It is said that a ghost of a headless boy often appears and vanishes into the density of this haunted forest. People who have visited this creepy forest, have occasionally reported hearing strange whispers and disembodied people run by, and seeing orbs in their photographs. Some have even claimed being touched or feeling that someone is close by when no one is there.

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There is a rock formation by the river situated in the centre of the Parallel Forest that is rumoured to be a satanic altar. Visitors say they get weird vibes, hear Americans' hollering along with old war drum beats and experience many more chilling paranormal things when they stand near it.

Whereas, many visitors say this forest is not haunted at all since they have never experienced such paranormal phenomena in this so-called 'haunted forest'. However, they all also assert that the weird appearance of this forest is enough to give some real creeps.

So, if you're a fan of the paranormal and want to visit or investigate a spooky haunted place in the United States, you could take a drive along Oklahoma State Route 115 in the Wichita Mountains, you will find the line of cedars of The Haunted Parallel Forest along with a signboard saying "Closed at Sunset". Our suggestion is to beware and not visit this place alone or after dark. Ghosts or not, anyone could find himself lost in the dense forest, whereas after the sunset, the forest becomes so dark that no light could escape its pitch black sheet and even using the magnesium lights you can hardly see 20-30 feet away. [source]

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